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Swiss Bucherer Carl F. Bucherer to swiss watches for men show you Jewelry Watch the classic culture

Founded in 1919, the famous Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer (Carl F. Bucherer), with exquisite mosaic of watchmaking and jewelry techniques, years, created countless classic timepieces. Regardless of magnificent jewelry luxury complex functions of a watch or a watch, have received a public pursuit of “independence, I walk my way” people love.ve.

First Bucherer China flagship store on October 10, 2008 in Beijing grand opening of the world during the variety of Bucherer watch limited edition treasures on display for the first time in China, so that guests enjoy the watch works of art in the same time savor century Swiss Bucherer watch brand family time arts and culture.
Watch limited edition jewelry collection Women in Beijing in the lead exposure
At a press conference and dinner in the brand of the collection is exhibited limited edition Alacria Royal Yali Jia royal family jewelry watch, series three, including ruby, sapphire and orange stones watch shows together for the first time in Beijing, China . AlacriaDiva Yali Jia “Imperial China” orange gem and Alacria Diva Yali Jia “Imperial China” sapphire; Alacria Diva Wildcat Yali Jia “wildcat”, AlacriaDivaGothic Yali Jia “Gothic”, this limit is only 25 sections of the watch world gold, and only display one day in Beijing. All guests will be able to shop in the Bucherer Beijing to appreciate the rare art of these valuable Pierre.
Alacria Royal Yali Jia royal family of limited edition jewelry watches magnificent Imperial Treasure of style
Inspiration originated in 2004, Bucherer Queen Sirikit of Thailand has been dedicated to 70-year-old birthday of the diamond watch that this section 282 a ruby embedded in the world alone this one. 2008 Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland, Bucherer glory of the Royal family were introduced AlacriaRoyal Yali Jia three models, respectively, sapphire, ruby and orange gems as the themes, 18K white gold case embedded 606 top Weisaierdun VVS diamonds and natural a gem, full manual diamond mosaics. Three AlacriaRoyal embodiment Bucherer superb century technology and traditional watchmaking craft jewelry, body famous door, imperial style is natural, as is the collection class treasures. The limited production of 25, accomplished plant heights witness table, to the top. The exhibition will also be featured for the first time in Beijing, rubies, sapphires and three orange gems, bright rare treasures, and you are the same reward.
Alacria Diva Yali Jia “Imperial China” limited edition orange sapphire precious gemstone watch
This unparalleled natural stones create works of art: AlacriaDiva Yali Jia orange gem “Imperial China” and AlacriaDiva Yali Jia sapphire “Imperial China” 18K white gold watch. Every mining gems are natural, essential and carefully selected color the same level made a gem to watch. Expansive of the same size in the same orange color and the gem or sapphire is extremely hard to find, let alone the same time, an assembly of 92 natural and one orange gem, or 52 natural a sapphire in the world limit 25. Orange Gem “Emperor of China” in 18K white gold manufacturing, natural 1 orange stones (a total of 92 8.9 card), orange Po square cut even more luxurious. Pei Chen 154 Grade VVS diamonds (0.8 card), the entire staff diamond inlay, all natural gem stones are attached certificate. The same field, the other a Yali Jia Sapphire “Imperial China” is also on display together for the first time in Beijing.

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